Новая карта NIXIES LAKE

'Nixies Lake' used to be the most beautiful lake in the MU Continent,where Spirit Nixie and Nix are guarding.
Descendants of a great mage were on their journey to find Secromicon's Book of Magic. Once they reached La Cleon, they realized the magic book is in Nixies Lake. They have reached Nixies Lake through a secret path from La Cleon

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'Ferea' is a beautiful kingdom on Tarkan Desert on the south of 'Cirtrie Island.' Different from the 'Kanturu' on the north that has science and advanced bioengineering technology, they had considered art and architecture important.

It is a beautiful city full of beautiful structures and artworks at various places on the road.

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Tell me, how long have you been in search of? How many days, months, and maybe years?

How much time did you spend to find really high quality and serious Mu Online project, where you will be able to show their Strenght and have a great time, not thinking about the problems?

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Сброс Сервера !

Доброго времени суток ! 

Сервер буде сброшен 1 Мая ! Сервер будет переделан в х50 .

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Currently this is only one server.
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